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22-09-2009, 09:07
Se qualcuno ha la possibilià credo valga la pena andarci!
W. Staeck a Faenza mi ha detto che dovrebbe essere una manifestazione interessante.


International Cichlidentage
Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord, Germany
1st – 4th October 2009
The Aquaristics Fair "Zierfische & Aquarium"

Organised by
Deutschen Cichliden Gesellschaft - Niederrhein Region with other DCG regions, the Datz editorial staff and Zajac Company

Major attractions:
80 Large furnished aquariums with cichlids presented by European hobbyists
Huge 30,000 litre show aquarium with large South American cichlids, catfish & stingrays.
Lectures on cichlids - breeding and collecting in the wild - in German and in English.
Workshops for aquarists young and old.
Aquarists Evening to meet Cichlid Hobbyists with buffet & bar on 3rd Oct 09.
Further information from Iggy Tavares <goanfish1@yahoo.co.uk>

Please visit www.dcg-online.de/